World of British Columbia

Welcome to the World of British Columbia Newsletter...

I plan on using this newsletter to update you on the following:

  1. Events that are happening around the province
  2. Safety information i.e. avalanche warnings, forest fire warnings, weather warnings etc.
  3. Accommodations, Attractions, Restaurants, Services that chose to be listed on my website at Random
  4. Other information that may be helpful.
You're the one that is in charge of what you would like to hear.  This is designed primarily for folks who may not have immediate access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., and would still like to have access to the information that I post on the Facebook page through email.

Please note, that only organizations need the contact information i.e phone#, address etc. the public only needs email address.  For those who are part of the general public, you can put down my website which is if you don't have one. If you have one, please use that, or your FB one. Please use only family oriented websites. Thanks.

Thanks, and hope to be able to make this helpful for everyone!

World of British Columbia
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